• Arbitration

    A Step Ahead: Analysing Indian Arbitration Law in the Context of International Technology Disputes

    Reading Time: 6 minutes Technology based enterprises are becoming the leaders of the global market in its every aspect. No industry has experienced such an explosive growth as has been experienced by the industry of technology-based enterprises; especially in the context of globalisation of economy and the complementary expansion in international trade in recent years. The technology industry is indeed an international sphere due to its components, viz international supplying and distributing networks that has enabled manufacturers to provide their technology products/services to consumers at a global scale. For instance, Biotechnology is high in demand at global scale due to its influence in multiple spheres- medical, environmental, industrial etc., which…

  • Consensual Dispute Resolution

    Ethics and Disclosure of Information in a Negotiation

    Reading Time: 4 minutes A negotiation aiming at an equivalent “win-win” gain to both parties may be idealistic and naïve. Rather, a realistic degree of satisfaction wherein both parties are in a mutually agreeable positioning to fulfill their needs whilst satisfying the obligations of the opposing party is ideal. This may not be equally benefiting for both parties but one which benefits both to differing extents.

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