• Negotiation

    Rohan Gulati on an Insight into Commercial Negotiation

    Reading Time: 5 minutes Introduction Negotiation, a routine method of dispute resolution is a widely recognized form when it concerns the commercial enterprises and its disputes. It is pertinent to mention that these disputes range from simple contractual issues to complex high-stake multiparty agreements which might involve the government as well. Therefore, most of the corporate enterprises prefer on negotiation as a form of dispute resolution rather than spending exuberant amount on tedious litigations. However, the advent of the Indian economy ever after 1991 and the upward graph depicts an essential growth in the commercial markets of the country, whilst on the other hand, it is hit by several disputes…

  • Negotiation

    Ethics and Disclosure of Information in a Negotiation

    Reading Time: 4 minutes A negotiation aiming at an equivalent “win-win” gain to both parties may be idealistic and naïve. Rather, a realistic degree of satisfaction wherein both parties are in a mutually agreeable positioning to fulfill their needs whilst satisfying the obligations of the opposing party is ideal. This may not be equally benefiting for both parties but one which benefits both to differing extents.

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