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    Confidentiality in Mediation

    Reading Time: 4 minutes Introduction Disputes are an inevitable outcome of human interaction. Alternative Dispute Resolution (hereinafter referred to as “ADR”) refers to methods by which dispute can be resolved outside of litigation. There is no perfect resolution procedure and ADR is not a panacea to everything that is wrong with the adversarial system, but it still has benefits over traditional litigation. Not only is there an absence of prolonged procedural delays but also more flexibility in shaping the process and outcome of the dispute. Additionally, relationships are preserved and satisfaction levels are higher. Arbitration, Conciliation, Negotiation and Mediation are different methods for alternate dispute resolution. Mediation is a form…

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    Jack Rathie, Winner of the 2018 ICC Paris Mediation Competition shares his experience on winning the prestigious competition.

    Reading Time: 4 minutes   The ICC Mediation Competition is the world’s most coveted moot centered on international commercial mediation. The 13th edition of the competition was held in Paris from 2nd – 7th February, 2018. The University of New South Wales , Sydney (“NSW”) emerged as the winner of the competition, securing a victory against Saint Joseph University of Beirut. We interview Jack Rathie, a member of the team representing NSW. Jack Rathie is a fifth year Bachelor of Commerce and Law Student at NSW. He has competed in numerous mediation and negotiation competitions, recently winning the 2018 ICC Paris Mediation Competition. He is interested in how technology, communication,…

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